Varico Charity Foundation

What is Varico Foundation?

Varico Foundation is a registered Canadian charity that was started by the Higdon family in 2015. The goal of the foundation is to encourage and equip leaders in local communities, as well as communities all over the world, to make a positive difference.

Our purpose is to work along-side leaders and organizations helping them to meet the needs in their community.


Our Story

Varico Foundation was created in 2015, a few years after the sale of a family business, called Varisystems, that Rick and Shirley Higdon owned and operated for more than 30 years. Their daughter, Kathryn, is an avid traveller and has a passion for international development, volunteering around the world, and story telling. The Higdon family has always had a heart for giving and working alongside people to help them reach their full potential, and that’s why they decided to create this foundation- to help serve and support and tell the stories of incredible people and organizations.


Who we help

We give out grants and help support other charitable organizations and indviduals who are trying to make a positive differece in their communities. This can be anything from fish farming projects in Haiti, to the Calgary Humane Society. Our goal is to work along-side these leaders and organizations to help them to reach their full potential and help support these valuable projects that better the lives of people, animals, and our planet.


Rick & Shirley Higdon
Rick and Shirley founded Varico Foundation in 2015, after the sale of their business. They are actively supporting, guiding, and influencing the direction the Foundation takes. In-between the running of the day-to-day operations, Rick and Shirley enjoy going to Maui, listening to music, and going to the mountains. Rick and Shirley have always enjoyed giving, and helping other people. The start of the foundation allows them to broaden their philanthropic values to reach people all over the world.

Rick & Shirley Higdon


Evan Dewald
Evan is a director of Varico Foundation, the lead Pastor at Lake Ridge Community church, and also oversees the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada’s mission work in Haiti. Evan and his wife Christin have been married for over 25 years and have 4 awesome children, two biological and two adopted. They also own and operate a small business called Little W Studio. Evan loves to build stuff, but also loves to invest his time in new ideas and people committed to caring for the world.

Evan Dewald

Director & Project Manager

Kathryn Higdon
Kathryn is a director and the content creator for Varico Foundation. Kathryn is an avid traveller, and she is passionate about cultural learning, international development, and empowering women and children. She focuses on project development, international relations, writing, photography, videography, social media, and co-ordinating events.

Kathryn Higdon

Director & Content Creator

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