We Value:

  • Supporting and encouraging leaders to care for themselves and their teams
  • Responsible giving
  • Individual stories and challenges unique to each organization
  • Relationships

Values Unpacked:

Support and care for individuals and teams:

Every leader needs time and space to care for personal needs. (Rest, play, training.) If leaders are not able to take care of themselves they will not be able to give their best to their work or their team.

Every team needs healthy members. We strive to provide adequate training and care to ensure that each team member feels that they are being understood and cared for so that they can give their best to meet the needs of their community or organization.

Responsible giving:

 We believe in giving what is needed and not what is wanted. We never want to hurt an organization by giving too much. We want to ensure that each organization is able to accomplish tasks on their own, and have “their own skin in the game.” We desire to see the direct needs being met.

Individual Stories & Challenges:

Every person has their own unique story and stories are what make us who we are. They are able to clarify both pain and beauty.

We desire to help tell the stories of people overcoming adversity and people who have gone up against all odds to make change for the better.


By building strong relationships with people we are able to better communicate and listen.

We want to build relationships with the individuals and organizations we help support so we can best identify the needs and know how we can help. We also want to be present in the work being done, and walk along-side our partners and encourage and support them as best we can.

“The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story. This truth applies both to individuals and institutions.”

 Michael Margolis, CEO Get Storied, Educator, Futures Anthropologist

Since the start of Varico, we have met many great leaders and organizations that have encountered challenging situations related to financial stress, personal care, and economic struggles.

Our observation has been that each leader and organization needs to be heard to be able to come up with healthy ways to grow.

Therefore, we do our best to listen to the stories that have shaped an organization or individual toward meeting the needs in lives and or communities.